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1st Year of We Are Guåhan’s Scholarship Program a Success

Last year, We Are Guåhan launched the Guam Alumni of the Public School System (GAPSS) scholarship.  The goal of the program is to offer scholarships to high school students to pay for costs such as registration fees for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (“SAT”) and college application fees.

During its first year, three (3) high schools elected to participate in the GAPSS program.  Over the course of the school year, We Are Guåhan volunteers met with scholarship recipients regularly to talk about life after high school and assisted them in registering for the SAT.  Through funds raised for the GAPSS scholarship program, twenty-nine (29) students were able to register for and take the SAT.  We Are Guåhan also provided the students with SAT preparation materials.

This year, we plan on expanding the scholarship program to help high school seniors with the college application process.  Our proposed program includes meeting with students to talk about strategies for applying to college as well as assisting them in meeting important deadlines.

Here are just some of the comments GAPSS scholarship recipients provided about the program:

What did you find most helpful about We Are Guahan’s GAPSS scholarship program?

“The information and encouragement gained through We Are Guahan’s GAPSS scholarship program was very helpful. Just having the program help us by having [We Are Guåhan volunteers] come to our school and make us more aware of the important step in college preparation, which is taking the SAT, proved to be extremely beneficial. Without the program’s help, many of us students probably wouldn’t have even considered taking the SAT. [T]he program ensured that we realized and focused on matters of which we knew little to nothing about or thought trivial.

Besides the information and encouragement, being able to take the SAT for free was the most helpful part about the program. I’m sure we were all strapped for cash when the time came and greatly appreciated We Are Guåhan’s help.”

How did the GAPSS program help you  prepare for the SAT?

“The GAPSS program provided us scholarship recipients with SAT preparation booklets that helped guide us and give us a great idea as to what we were to expect during the actual test. In addition, it introduced me to the College board website, where I was given the opportunity to answer daily test questions, take an actual SAT practice test, and obtain an insight as to what to expect on the test day.”

What kind of assistance do you believe would be most helpful to you next year?

“College preparation! I would really appreciate help in choosing colleges, filling out applications, fulfilling requirements, and meeting those deadlines.”